Ayanda Seboni

Group Executive: Communications, Brand and Marketing, PPS (South Africa)
Ayanda Seboni is the Group Executive responsible for Brand Marketing and Communications at PPS in South Africa, a mutual focused exclusively on Graduate Professionals. She has over 18 years’ experience in the insurance and bancassurance sector, having worked for organisations such as Standard Bank and Barclays Africa group.

Ayanda is passionate about the role of insurance, not only as a risk management tool, but also its positive impact, particularly in proctecting some of society’s most financially vulnerable communities. As a leader of people and a marketer she has experienced first-hand societal changes and how they impact workplaces.

“Being in marketing gives me a front row seat in observing and responding to the changing consumer and by extension the changes in workplaces, marketers have to be ahead of the curve as they need to understand, trends, behaviours and people in general.”

Ayanda completed her B Comm degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, specialising in Marketing, Risk & Insurance Management. She holds a Management Advancement Program from the Wits Business School.

She and Ozzy have two children Tholwana and Atlegang; she also has a pet called Gumball, all of whom keep her fit and active.