David Crowther

CEO, AGILE Performance (United Kingdom)
As the CEO of AGILE Performance Dave has helped executives from over 70 countries to make leading in complex situations tractable. In addition to his strategic consultancy to ICMIF and co-delivery of ICMIF’s Advanced Management Course, his recent engagements include advising a national programme for transforming long-term care within the UK’s National Health Service and co-founding a global community of practice for data to save lives.

Dave’s started his career working in reinsurance for ICMIF from 1988 to 1993 and was hooked from day one as he encountered cooperative and mutual insurers from every continent collaborating. Inspired by this potential, Dave has since acquired a broad understanding of strategy and behaviour while managing a European investment fund, a deeper understanding of agility and innovation while ‘accidentally’ co-founding a Semantic Web software company that was ultimately acquired by IBM, a practical understanding of the power of culture while designing a global cultural change initiative for a company within the Berkshire Hathaway family and humility in the face of complexity while working on strategic behavioural change interventions within the 2.8 million employee UK national health and social care system.

Dave was a co-contributor to the bestselling book Business Model Generation and a key contributor to the sequel Business Model You.