Dr P A Kiriwandeniya

Chairman, SANASA Insurance Company (Sri Lanka)
Dr Kiri (as he is affectionately known) is a visionary who started SANASA from depleted thrift and credit societies and grew it to become a gigantic people’s movement with entities that compete with the giants of the private sector in Sri Lanka. His efforts have made SANASA a brand name which is considered a landmark in the local business world, and as a successful cooperative enterprise among the world’s cooperative bodies. Dr Kiri is a man whose commitment to the cooperative movement is legendary within Sri Lanka.
He began his professional career as a teacher after having obtained a Social Science Degree from Vidyodaya University and later PhD degree from Ruhuna University, he subsequently worked as the Director of Education at Sarvodaya Movement and Deputy Director of the National Heritage Programme. He is a renowned professional and holds several key positions including the Chairman of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU); Vice Chairman of the ICMIF Asia and Oceania Association (AOA); Director, People’s Bank, Regional Development Bank (Sri Lanka); President, National Institute of Cooperative Management and National Cooperative Council of Sri Lanka; and also Chairman of the Sanasa Development Bank & People’s Bank (Sri Lanka). He is also a Council Member of the University of Sri Jayawardenapura (Sri Lanka).
He facilitates a connection between the people of Sri Lanka and the international cooperative movement. He is a perceptive observer of trends in international development circles and is able to comprehend when those trends can be honestly accommodated within the longstanding objectives of the SANASA movement. Over the years, he has earned an unsullied reputation as a spokesperson for the full range of Sri Lankan society.
Dr Kiri has been continuously engaged in community development over the last five decades. He is keen to facilitate people’s innovations, participatory research and the mobilisation of manpower by providing charity and welfare donations to help people further their own development.