Ellie Anderson

Innovation Consultant, Thrivent (USA)
Ellie Anderson is an Innovation Strategist for Thrivent (USA). Currently based in Texas with one of Thrivent’s innovative start-ups, Buen Camino, Ellie is exploring ways to help people have discretionary income. Using deep human-centered service design, Ellie’s team is re-imagining financial guidance around basic money management needs. Ellie has been a part of the Innovation and Development team in Corporate Strategy for over three years now, leading projects to design experiences that meet customers’ needs.

Ellie says her contact with ICMIF has transformed her career and aspirations and she has enjoyed her journey supporting the global mutual and cooperative community since she joined Thrivent. Last year, Ellie worked for three months at CIC Insurance Group in Nairobi (Kenya) as a Technical Assistant in support of the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy to help them launch and scale a dairy livestock microinsurance business. Since its inception in 2016, Ellie has served as Chair to the ICMIF Young Leaders Forum, and has played an instrumental role in building it up as a platform for professional development for the next generation of mutual/cooperative leaders and also as a resource to the broader ICMIF community.

Outside of work, Ellie greatly enjoys hiking, running and practicing yoga; reading biographies and business books; exploring new cities; and trying out new ice cream and coffee shops.