Hironiri Ishitoya

Senior Managing Director, Zenkyoren (Japan)
Hironori Ishitoya has been Senior Managing Director of Zenkyoren since July 2019. Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) has a business scale of JPY 58.0 trillion (USD 523.4 billion) in total assets and JPY 5.3 trillion (USD 48.0 billion) in premium and other insurance income.

Hironori joined Zenkyoren in April 1984. Since then, he has worked in the field of automobile insurance for many years and through the experiences of engaging in efficiency improvement and new system introduction in this field, he learned a lot about the necessity of prompt and appropriate initiatives. When he was a manager in the Human Resources Department, Zenkyoren merged with 47 prefectural mutual insurance federations and he worked on the difficult task of introducing a new unified personnel system. Since then he has held various positions at the organization, including Deputy General Manager of the Corporate Planning Department and General Manager of the Human Resources Department.

After a period as Managing Director from July 2014, Hironori was appointed Senior Managing Director in July 2019 and is now in charge of several sections including corporate management, risk management and automobile insurance. He is mainly focused on Zenkyoren’s efforts to secure its soundness based on fair value, to sophisticate its Enterprise Risk Management responding to new regulations, and to improve efficiency of loss adjustment in relation to automobile insurance.

He sincerely swears to himself to do his best to ensure that Zenkyoren is a better organization for members and policyholders and its business remains healthier, no matter how drastically business environment changes.

Hironori played various sports such as baseball, table tennis, and volleyball when he was a student and he still goes to the gym. He also likes to go for a drive.