Jackelyn Ballena

Vice President for Operations – Life Division, 1CISP (Philippines)
Jackelyn is currently the Vice President for Operations of the Life Division of 1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines Life and General Insurance or more simply known as 1CISP. She has been in the cooperative movement for more than eight years starting her career in the said cooperative as a Trainer and then head of the Human Resources Department with a role in Organizational Development until she was promoted to her latest position in January 2018. In the same year, she obtained the designation of Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI). The FLMI designation is awarded to individuals who pass a series of 10 examinations.

She has also been vital in ensuring the growth, engagement, and organizational commitment of the best asset of the 1CISP organization, its employees. Following the successful program designs for people management and development that she made for 1CISP, Jackelyn was given the opportunity to attend the 2017 ICMIF Biennial Conference held in London and from there her journey as an ICMIF Young Leader has continued. As a result of her attendance at that Conference, she has been invited to be part of Young Leaders Forum (YLF) of ICMIF. She led the Young Leaders Program in Asia and Oceania last year during the AOA Seminar 2018. She is also currently taking the lead in 1CISP’s Young Leaders Program.