Lars Hallqvist

Chairman of the Owners’ Consortium, Länsförsäkringar (Sweden)
Länsförsäkringar is a group of local mutual insurance companies that holds the major market position in Sweden. The companies do not compete with each other and each of them acts on a specific territorial market.

Together they own the common brand “Länsförsäkringar” and the collaboration among them is performed through the jointly owned Länsförsäkringar AB which is controlled by the owners’ consortium.

For the past three years, Lars has been the elected chairman of the owners’ consortium of Länsförsäkringar and the elected chairman of the board of directors of Länsförsäkringar Älvsborg, one of the insurance companies in the group, since 2008.

Lars’ assignments for Länsförsäkringar are a significant part of this daily duties but his profession is as a lawyer and he has been a member of the Swedish Bar Association since 1994, specializing in insolvency law.

Lars’ involvement in Länsförsäkringar is due to the fact that the companies in the group are mutual and therefore, their boards of directors are elected among the policyholders.

Lars lives in the southwestern town of Borås situated on the high inland area of the Swedish west coast. He lives with his dear Mona and a French hunting dog called Selma. Both Lars and Mona have two adult children and a number of grandchildren.