Mario Teruya

Commercial Director, La Segunda Seguros (Argentina)
Mario Teruya has a degree in Political Science from the National University of Rosario (UNR), studied Master of Business Administration, at the University of Palermo (UP), Buenos Aires.

He has worked for La Segunda Seguros since 1996 and currently holds the position of Commercial Director of the four companies of the insurance group.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of RIDA (International Insurance Network) and sits on a number of different boards of the Cooperative Group that is part of La Segunda.

He leads the commercial strategy of the insurance group, which today ranks among the five largest insurers in Argentina. He has responsibility for the performance of a sales force throughout the country, which has to about 2,000 members.

Mario’s focus is on the development of positive environments which drive innovation and the generation of ideas with a vision which looks to the future.

Similarly, he leads the implementation of social innovation projects, within the framework of the Social Responsibility programme of La Segunda. This is the case of 180 °, a project for incubation and development in different cooperatives, with the participation of social innovators.