Melina Morrison

CEO, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (Australia)
Melina Morrison is the inaugural CEO of Australia’s national peak body for co-operatives and mutuals, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM). Members of the BCCM represent the largest member-owned businesses in sectors ranging from Banking and Finance, Insurance and Agriculture to Housing, Health and Motoring. Collectively BCCM members have more than 9 million members.

Melina is a well-known advocate for all forms of mutual enterprise, regularly contributing media commentary and appearing as a spokesperson for the sector. Melina has commissioned the first national mapping reports for the mutual sector in Australia.

Her advocacy work resulted in the Australian Government minting a coin commemorating the International Year of Co-operatives in 2012. Melina was also successful in lobbying for a federal Government inquiry into the co-operative and mutual business sector, which handed down 17 ground-breaking reforms for the sector in 2016. This was followed by Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison (when he was Australian Treasurer), ordering an independent inquiry into access to capital issues for co-operatives and mutuals. This led to the first enabling legislation for mutuals in Australia in 18 years. Enacted in April 2019, the news laws permit mutuals to raise investment capital.